Come see us for the finest selection of rock, stone, and tree supplies. Whether you just need the materials or need a complete landscaping workup, we can help. We have been been serving Texoma for over 25 years.

Available Trees

  • Lace Bark Elm
  • Bald Cypress – Medium growing tree, grows in area with poor drainage
  • Blue Point Juniper – Hardy fast growing, dense blue/green foliage all year
  • Burr Oak – Slow growing, large leafs, large acorns
  • Cedar Elm – Fast growing oak, good shade tree, small leafs
  • Chinese Pistache – Fast growing, small shade tree 25-35′, great fall colors (reds, browns,
  • Chinkapen Oak – slow to medium growing — big leaf
  • Claudia Wannamaker (Magnolia) – ornamental
  • Crepe Myrtle – ornamental flowering tree (flowers throughout the summer)
  • DD Blanchard (Magnolia) – ornamental
  • Little Gem Magnolia – small ornamental tree
  • Live Oak – slowest growing oak, good shade tree, sheds but doesn’t lose leaves
  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly – pyramid shape shrub — for height
  • Palm
  • Possum Hall – medium growing, red berries in fall
  • Red Oak – medium growing oak, good shade, hard wood tree
  • Savannah Holly – upright shrub, produces lots of berries
  • Sawtooth Oak – fast growing, good shade, long serrated leaf (Acorns)
  • Water Oak – fast growing, good shade tree
  • Youpon Holly – ornamental
  • Yucca