Irrigation Installation

Longo Landscape now offers complete design and installation of drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation is a cost-effective, environementally friendly and extremely efficient way to keep your landscape vibrant and healthy.

We have built a reputation of being one of the area’s premier landscape design-build companies by creating beautiful and timeless landscapes. One of the key elements to our success throughout the years has been our design and installation teams. Along with being well educated and certified in the landscape industry we take a great deal of pride in the projects we install…

…Water; It’s the simplest and most important way to keep your landscaping green and beautiful.  Providing adequate irrigation will save you hundreds of dollars a year on lawn sprays and fertilizers. A soft brilliant carpet of green in front of your home adds between 5% and 11% to your home’s value, and if you’re interested in selling your home it’s important to remember that you’re landscaping gives buyers their first impression of your home’s overall condition. Even if you have no plans to sell, taking good care of your lawn and landscaping is the most important — and certainly the most visible — aspect of home maintenance.

We care about making the homes here in Wichita Falls be beautiful and green, because this is our community.

Why choose Longo Landscape for Irrigation:
Superior Customer Service Makes Us the Preferred Irrigation Company.

When we provide you with irrigation system products and well-designed lawn sprinkler systems, we back it up with reliable, consistent customer service. We are happy to scale our irrigation design to exactly fit your needs. We’re available to you 24 hours a day for emergency service. When we install an irrigation system, we offer you the confidence of knowing that we stand behind our work. Our fully insured and licensed irrigation contractor will always arrive promptly and get your job done right.

How You’ll Benefit from a Premium-Quality Irrigation System:

  • The value of your property will grow along with your lawn.
  • You will be in compliance with local watering regulations – and you won’t have to do any more midnight watering.
  • Your entire yard will consistently receive exactly the quantity of water it needs.
  • High-value trees and landscape features will develop increased resistance to pests and diseases.

Sprinkler Installation, Design & Repair

Irrigation Solutions provides all Wichita Falls and surrounding neighborhoods with a full package of design, installation, seasonal attention, renovation and all types of repairs.

Spring Activation

Once the cold winter weather is past, it’s time to get ready for the growing season and activate your irrigation system. As soon as there’s even a hint of spring in the air, we are ready to come out to your site and start your irrigation system up so you’ll be all ready for the new season. After winter’s freezing temperatures, it takes a professional irrigation company to check your sprinkler’s lines and connections, making sure it’s ready for the summer.

Here’s what our spring activation consists of:

We will turn on the water and closely examine the entire system, making sure that its set up properly and that all the connections are intact.

We will test the water flow and adjust sprinkler heads as needed in order to deliver the precise amount of water needed by each sector of your site.

If any repairs are needed, we are happy to take care of them and we will only charge you for additional parts.

After evaluating the unique watering needs of your site, we will set the times in the controller to make sure that every corner of your property receives the correct amount of water.

Fall Sprinkler Winterization

Once summer has passed and the days get shorter and colder, your grass and landscape plantings will become dormant. No matter where you live, Irrigation Solutions will come out and make sure your irrigation system is properly shut down for the winter. We have the tools and experience to make sure that all water is removed from your sprinkler lines, so that during the worst freezes you’ll be confident that none of your irrigation pipes will break.

Our irrigation blow-outs use only the largest air compressors, so we can make certain that your sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads are cleared of any water that might freeze and expand.

New or Renovated Sprinkler Systems

We can design a brand-new customized irrigation system for you, but if you already have an older system in place, we’re happy to renew and upgrade it. We specialize in re-designing older irrigation systems that may not be working correctly, or may never have done what you hoped. Our skilled professionals can often do a one-day re-design and renovation, and provide you with exactly the system you need to get the right amount of water into every part of your property.

Renovating older systems is our most popular service, and we have earned a solid reputation for our speed and skill in transforming older irrigation systems.

Full-Service Repairs

No matter what type of repair you need, Irrigation Systems is ready. Our licensed service crews carry every possible needed parts with us in our trucks, so we can swiftly remedy broken sprinkler heads, bad timers, leaky valves, or any other problems.

Contact us anytime at 940-691-ROCK (7625) We have a well-engineered, efficient solution for all your irrigation needs!