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Concrete has so many uses, and can be seen just about anywhere you look today. It is a popular material and is generally used for a lot more than we think.


It’s uses include driveways and patios, sidewalks, parking lots, streets, footings and foundations, and high rise buildings.

Other uses are for bridges, drainage areas, , and culverts.



This type (Modern)  has no additional materials or admixtures. You can find this everywhere, in hardware store, and it’s usually used for smaller jobs like home DYI projects.

High Strength

High strength is used to create building foundations and other support structures. it is made to withstand 6,000 pounds of pressure.


This is used for decoration, making something plain into something eye-catching, and is very similar to the modern type. Once it is poured and starts to dry, it is stamped with a design to simulate a brick pattern, a tile pattern, flagstone, and any number of ideas to make it look something other than plain. Color additives can be added to it as well

concrete driveway